Migan’s History

Migan Ltd. was established in 1953 as a pioneering company to manufacture equipment for the young Israeli industry.

The name MIGAN stands for the initials of "Manufacturing department of Noa's Garage" in Hebrew. 

The beginning was indeed as a new department of a car work shop in the young city of Tel-Aviv...

migan begining


one of the founders - Mr. Moshe Shmoshkovitz 

Speaking in front of the Manufacturer Association in Israel


Since the beginning, Migan stepped into the world of metal machining and industrial components.

The first Pneumatic quick coupling in Israel were made by Migan, Which also determined the Standards for them.

From these days on, until nowadays, Migan operate as a warm family business in which many of our employees are a part of the family for many decades.

migan workers3