Our Team

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Migan Group Ltd. is a family oriented industrial company,

With more than 40 employees and over 60 years of team work,

Our team is here to share the knowledge, experience and capabilities we hold with our customers.




We are guided by the believe that synergy between generations is a key to our success.

The accumulated knowledge of the veteran generation of our company together with the modern world led by the younger generation forms a winning team.

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Our Management:



B.Sc & M.Sc in Industrial Engineering. 

Lieutenant Colonel (on reserve duty) in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Mr. Reshef has background and experience in management and operations,

With significant experience in several leading companies in the Israeli industry.

He comes from the worlds of Lean management and continuous improvement.


ELI  ALBERT, Supply Chain Manager

Mr. Albert is holding an impressive carrier of over 40 years as the supply chain manager at Migan.

He has deep knowledge of Migan's product families and production history,

As well as sharp understanding of costs, production efficiency and response lead time of the system.


Ron Yehuda, Engineering Manager

Mr. Yehuda holds a B. Sc. in mechanical engineering.

Ron is Migan's cheif engineer and has vast knowledge in R&D and in production processes.


IGOR STRESHINSKI, Production Manager  

Mr. Streshinski hold a B.Sc. amd M. Sc. in Metal Machining.

Igor brings the know-how and experience of metal machining to the production efforts.

Igor is working at Migan since 1993 and has vast knowledge and experience in each and every one of our products.





IDO AKAV, Marketing & sales Manager

Mr. Akav holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL. B.) degree as well as Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)

Mr. Akav managed several marketing departments in  Industrial companies in Israel and abroad.



Migan Group Ltd. is a service oriented company,

We are proud of our team and our team pride is to be available and valuable for your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us.